Stress as a Factor of Employee Absenteeism at Workplace in IT Sector, India


  • Simran Bains, Pradnya V. Chitrao


Concept Introduction - Employee absenteeism at the workplace is a significant issue in any organization as the participation of employees plays a dominant role in the growth of the organization be it in any field of work. Their truancy hampers the performance of an organization in various ways. A high degree of absenteeism could result in serious problems for any business the nature of which could be physiological, emotional, or even financial thus leading to reduced productivity, low team morale, and unsatisfactory monetary results. An adequate turnout of employees at work is extremely vital to allow the attainment of objectives and targets of any given department.

Objective- The purpose of this study is to investigate the significance of Stress as a salient factor that influences employee absenteeism at the Workplace in the IT Sector of India.

Research Methodology- The research was conducted through a survey questionnaire that helped examine the important stress-causing factors in an individual's work-life which eventually lead to the major issue of employee absenteeism in an organization. The sample was composed of 125 employees across various IT organizations pan India. Both, Qualitative as well as Quantitative methodology is used for this study.

Limitations: The conducted study is limited to a sample of 125 responses all of which belong to people employed in the IT sector of India. There are 4 major factors considered in this paper with regards to Employee Absenteeism while there are other factors like Travel Duration, Job Satisfaction, Non-cooperative bosses that have not been considered to the subject matter of this paper and are thus left out of the realm of this particular study. The method of survey questionnaire and interview has been used for collecting most of the data which might cause common method error.

Significance: The findings from this study have shed light on the major triggers of stress faced by an employee at the workplace and its direct relationship that leads to a significant drop in their performance levels contributing to high levels of absenteeism. This study could also significantly help HR at companies to understand the various causes of stress at the workplace and try to eliminate or tune it down to tolerable levels hence leading a significant reduction of employee participation or absenteeism due to stress.




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