• Praveen Kumar Jain, et. al.


Wellbeing of farmer marks the top importance of Indian Government. Government has made various scheme or yojana to recover farming sector & to develop the economic situations of farmer. The agricultural scheme are very advantageous for farmers and farmers need to know regarding such yojanas such they can enjoy their advantages. The Indian farming sector has experiencing economic improvements ever since 1990s to liberalize the economy to get profit from globalization. The Indian Government inspires farmer in taking up the different project in selected area by funding a part of the total project’s cost.  All these projects target at increasing investment, continuous profits flow and employ parts of domestic importance. The Indian Government introduces various schemes to support farmers in every manner and to increase employment in country side areas where maximum of the population depends on farming practices. These government schemes improve the soil condition, plant matter and to rise the net profit of the farmers so to grasp quality prices. Current study is based on the brief discussion of the various yojanas and schemes provided by Indian Government for the wellbeing and wellbeing of farmer as they are not only the food provider but the produce from the agriculture also adds a huge amount to the (GDP) Gross Domestic Products of India. This study will help in the development and awareness to the individuals that are mainly depend on the farming for their living.




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