• Vivak Ujjwal , Anjali Gupta


As per the growing size of population and related food dependence is the most vital problem associated with the developing nations. To meet the needs of the nation-wide people demand for foods, feeds, and fibers it is necessary to protect crops and plants from both intentional and unintentional threat. There are many threats associated with the agriculture system which ultimately will affect its sustainable production. To overcome all the threats related to agriculture introduction of Biosecurity method is used to protect or diminish the transfer of contagious diseases in crops and live stocks and is first used by United States. Most common challenges faced for agriculture biosecurity that can seen among all natives, local and world-wide level are population growth and poverty, Globalization, Change in climate, varying agriculture infrastructure. Few other problems for agriculture bio-securities are deficiency of proper communication network for combined diagnosis and the expansion of national and world-wide technological protocols to enhance fast world-wide development. Government or legislations should organize some educational programs to develop a proper understanding of agriculture biosecurity among farmers. From the implication of biosecurity in Agriculture, various contagious diseases can be detected on time, provide proper information for climatic change and other risk associated with agriculture. It will also provide proper trading between the two countries easily and can be used further for early detection of crop health, its harvesting time and can also be used for guiding the farmers, a suitable strategy to protect their crops for invaders..




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