A Study of Import Substitution of Agricultural Product and Policies in India


  • Rama Rani, Dr. Rashi Mittal, N. Aishwarya


India is currently the world's second largest producer of agricultural products. According to the 2014 FAO world agriculture statistics, India stands as theworld's largest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is considerably a wide-ranging producer of chickpeas and milk produce majorly. It is a large scale producer of fibrous crops, spices and staples. India embarks as second largest producer of wheat, rice and food staples around the globe. India is ranked fifth largest producers of poultry meat and livestock as well. According to the reports released in 2008, claimed that India’s population is being increasing rapidly than its potential to produce rice and wheat and to feed its population, Where recent studies and research shows that only if there is reduced spoilage, less wastage of food, increased agricultural efficiencies and use of advanced agro based equipment’s would result increased ability to feed its population and also left available for exports purpose. India after independence adopted a policy which is encouraging the production and use of domestic goods rather than of those which are imported from other countries.  The present study is an effort to analyze the Import substitution of agricultural products, the current India’s position in agricultural production, export and importof agro products, effects of Import substitution on Indian economy, Measures as well as implementation efforts by the Indian government also their results and to state some suggestion on how we can achieve the aim of import substitution policy.




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