Secure Communication in Wireless Sensor Network Using Intrusion Detection System for Agriculture


  • O.P.Uma Maheswari , Dr.S.Jayasankari


Recent advancement in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) affords lot of sophistication in people’s day to day life which in turn increases its demand. WSN find its applications in various fields such as prediction of natural disaster, environmental monitoring, home appliances encompassing various areas like agriculture, and health care, clustered databases and so on. Path Finding Agent (PFA) is an eminent approach exploited for sensor nodes transmission of stored information to the cluster heads in case of agriculture information communication. The secured mechanism should be significantly utilized to prevent against such as node capture, physical tampering, eavesdropping, denial of service, etc. due to the deployment of WSN in remote places which are left unattended. The prevailing researches concentrate only on energy proficiency rather than security which in turn causes information loss and may transmit false information to the to the target. A hybrid optimization is chiefly involved to mitigate this issue for choosing cluster head   which in turn diminishes the energy consumption. Besides intrusion detection system is also utilized for key generation involving cryptographic method for data encryption and substantiation for circumventing all sorts of attacks with improved security through RSA technique. Path Finding Agent (PFA) and key authentication has its own role in transmission of encrypted information to the cluster heads through the sensor nodes. Query Agent (QA) supports in aggregating the information received by the sensor nodes in the field through cluster head before transporting to the sink node and as a final point decryption of data is achieved through same key. The Proposed approach is validated through experimental results expending USGS databases pertaining to improved security, packet delivery ratio, Network lifetime,throughput and minimized energy consumption.




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