Nayantara Sahgal’s Storm in Chandigarh: A Tale of Interpersonal Incompatibility


  • Ms. Divya Sharma, et. al.


Literature makes a significant contribution in understanding the complex structure of interpersonal relationships and human behavior, by providing an imaginative impression of socio-cultural and political systems of human life. The study indicates that due to lack of trust, love, and understanding, the institution of social relations may become degenerative and result in dissonance. In the presence of modernity, even, sometimes the traditional conventions may result into incompatibility. The novelist mainly explores the plight of women in such conditions. The fundamental purpose of this article is to study interpersonal incompatibility prevailing in human relationships, in the backdrop of an unresolved clash in social and political systems, as depicted in Nayantara Sahgal’s Storm in Chandigarh (1969).  




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