A Paper on Promotion of Organic Agriculture in India


  • Dr. Kalavathy, et. al.


Agriculture is a big part of India's gross production. About this, agriculture is in growing difficulty today. Currently, current research stresses the need to use organic waste to boost soil organic matter to preserve sustainability and productivity in farming. Most farmers are resource-poor, and the purchase of sufficient amounts of pesticides and fertilizers is beyond their ability to promote organic agriculture. Besides, organic agriculture is useful to small and remote producers. Organic agriculture provides hope for the future of which ecologically, safe, nutritious, and equally developed food and agricultural goods are produced. The current study was conducted to evaluate the status and trends of marketing and branding strategies in India. It was reported that It takes a paradigm change when addressing both farmers and customers within the supply chain when it comes to selling goods. Organic agriculture supplies plants with micro and macro-nutrients, and also enhances the biological, chemical and physical soil features. Further, this study will aid in the development of strategies to market and brand the organic products produced in India to increase the income of the farmers..



2021-03-30 — Updated on 2021-07-13


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