• Ms. L. Ancy Geoferla, A. Deepthi Sree, Murugesan Meena, Namburi Charmika, Lakshmi Nila


The job characteristics model based on the concept of modern job design supports Human Resource management, thereby providing more job opportunities. Firstly, a plan is developed by the system to incorporate the job characteristics model into E-HR system to develop a new model of efficient operation on Human Resource management. The current proposed paper exhibits a set of techniques which makes the whole recruitment process more effectively and systematic. Our implemented system operates in such a way that the candidates are ranked based on the weight-age policy and other important personality questions are also included. At the present, organizations are inquisitive to better understand the personality traits of the applicant and be able to ascertain the applicant’s response in some crucial circumstances. Therefore, the system will conduct a personality prediction test to determine the personality traits of the applicant. Furthermore, a video resume will be required to upload by all the applicants to examine their communication skills through which relevant job skills can be analyzed. The video resume will be used in the process of background verification, where the documents can be cross-examined. Finally, the results of the applicants are presented in the ranking order to the relevant recruiter.




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Ms. L. Ancy Geoferla, A. Deepthi Sree, Murugesan Meena, Namburi Charmika, Lakshmi Nila. (2021). PERSONALITY PREDICTION SYSTEM. International Journal of Modern Agriculture, 10(3), 107 - 114. Retrieved from