Tourist Circuit for Alwar-2031


  • Ar. Sobhagya Sharma, Prof. Nand Kumar Khare


Alwar is place of natural heritage , scenic beauty with lush green mountains ,waterfall ,lake ,fortress, historical temples ,reserve forest ,museum etc. But due to lack of maintenance and ignorance the district cannot shows up its full potential in tourism. Even after laying under National Capital Region and its location between golden triad development in tourism is quite not satisfactory. The purpose of this paper is to explore the significance of tourism of Alwar district by proposing tourist circuits and marketing based solutions for district tourism. Moreover this research paper aims to promote tourism industry in Alwar and preserving national heritage and environment. The study is focus on the current scenario and conditions of tourist places in Alwar district with reference to the information gathered from the Primary and Secondary data available for study, in accordance with the same relevant planning proposals, recommendation of conservation and preservation will be given.




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