Analysis Of Crime Rates Against Weaker Sections In Karnataka


  • Dr. Chowdappa V. A.


Every community seeks to reduce the crime rates by increasing police levels and expenditures to prevent crimes in society. This philosophy is that a boost in the Police outlay will affect the efficient and effective Police force. Consequently, increase the chances of arrest rates and decreasing crime rates. India is a diversified country; she has many religions, Castes, and subcastes in the country. In this situation, S.C./STs are the most marginalized sections of Indian society. Many atrocities have committed against them since time immemorial. Hence, the study focuses on the Crime against weaker section in the Karnataka state and its Districts; therefore, the study uses secondary data sources from 2006 to 2015. The study found that Crime against weaker sections is varied from region to region in Karnataka.




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