Smart Wet Grinder


  • G.S.Molly Irine, V.Sathasivam, L.T.Thirunivedhan


Smart wet grinder is developed for domestic and commercial purpose. It collects batter and clean the grinder without human involvement. This smart grinder is interfaced with an embedded system based on Arduino. For grinding process Ac induction motor with mechanical arrangement is used. In this project timer, microcontroller, water pump, solenoid valve were used. Timer is used to  start the line and end session of the working of wet grinder. In order to reduce human involvement soaking and draining waste water from container, this will be  processed automatically. After few minutes of soaking the soaked rice is fed into the grinder. Then the grinder is turned on with the help of Arduino. This system converts the rice into the batter. After grinding is completed, the batter is collected and the grinder is cleaned automatically. When grinding and cleaning is finished the Arduino turns off the system automatically.




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G.S.Molly Irine, V.Sathasivam, L.T.Thirunivedhan. (2021). Smart Wet Grinder. International Journal of Modern Agriculture, 10(2), 4190 - 4199. Retrieved from