Effects Of Climate Change On Agriculture


  • Dr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Vinay Kumar Pandey


Agricultural sector susceptibility to both climate change and instability is well known in the literature. The general opinion is that temperature and precipitation shifts will result in adjustments in land and water systems that would ultimately impact the production of agricultural products. This research has also shown that impacts on agricultural production are projected to be especially detrimental especially in tropical areas, including most of the poorest countries. Such countries' weakness is often actually more likely to be severe in the face of financial, technical, and institutional constraints. Although forecasts indicate that global food output is likely to remain strong, analysts anticipate tropical regions would see both a decline in agricultural yields and an increase in rates of deprivation as livelihood conditions are progressively vulnerable to projected climate pressures for those engaged in the agriculture sector. Although contemporary policy discourse has concentrated on reducing pollutants that cause climate change, policy proposals that can tackle climate impacts have been fairly minimal..




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