Bird’s eye view of populace perspective towards a more sustainable solid waste management.


  • Dr. Vandana Rao


Reason for selecting the topic: - Solid waste is frequently considered pointless, inappropriate, and disposed of waste created after our everyday exercises. Each everyday action should will in general create squander that could be recyclable. The development in commercialization and way of life has heaped on extra weight on the age of solid waste. This investigation needs to examine the public view of reasonable solid waste administration it presents an appraisal of the quickly rising volume of metropolitan solid waste, its evolving structure, then proceeding with the training of blending biodegradable (wet) waste with dry waste at the wellspring of age, and the developing volume of plastic in the waste. The current framework is centered on the assortment and transportation of generally blended unsegregated waste.
Research gap: -The current state of affairs has seen a drastically changed perspective towards the importance of hygiene and better environmental sustainability. The importance of cleanliness and waste management was never highlighted more than in the current situation and no such study was carried out from the populace perspective in the aforementioned location hence the researcher would like to inspect and study the same.
Methodology: -The examination likewise intends to check the public's view of work done by the community body and the qualities and synthesis of these squander and the natural issues related to its administration are additionally researched. Organized surveys were utilized to acquire essential information from an irregular size of the populace.
Implications and results: -The study gives an overall view of respondents about the current state of affairs of solid waste management. Study also highlighted the fact that many societal members are willing to contribute and change about their way they dispose of waste. Many respondents felt that they can act along with the civic authority to create awareness which in turn can lead to a better scenario..




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