A study of Push and Pull Motivational Factors of Women Entrepreneurs In Pune District .


  • Dr. Manasi Atitkar


If Women are educated, cultural and knowledgeable power and devotion awaken in the land. That nation which does not respect women (living images of Shakti) has never become great nor will ever in future.

By Swami Vivekanand.

One of the prime reasons is non active participation of women population. This underutilized or untapped potential creates lot of problems in India. For alleviating poverty and bringing meaningful economic & social development, India has to promote and enhance gender equality and women empowerment

Performance of any individual depends on his or her ability backed by the motivation.

Ambitions or aspirations motivate people, activate them, broaden their vision and make their lives meaningful. For a person to become an entrepreneur there should be considerable motivation from within himself or herself.

It is now believed after many researches that entrepreneur can be developed and need not necessarily be born..

For thousands of years female are facing male dominance and now society stand at the beginning of the feminine era, when women will rise to their appropriate prominence , the entire world will recognize the harmony between man and women. Women strives for perfection but she should not strive for perfection but for excellence. Most of the women focus on their urgent tasks than important. Balance means not only better time management, but better boundary management




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