Study of Non-Native Afforestation in Isfahan Province


  • Soheil Soheili Esfahani, Davood Azadfar


The drought of Pinus Eldarica and Cupressus Arizonica trees in the forestry around Isfahan refinery has been increasing in recent years. The purpose of this study was to investigate the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of two Cupressus arizonica and Pinus eldarica stands with an area of 93 hectares and soil analysis of the region. The area of the sample plot was 20 R (2000 square meters) and the shape of sample plots was rectangular. In the whole study area, 26 sample plots were implemented by random-systematic sampling method. The census network with dimensions of 290 × 160 meter and quantitative and qualitative information of trees in each sample plot included diameter equal to chest, total height, canopy surface, number of dried bases, species freshness and tree health. Twenty sex soil samples at depths of 0-30 and 30-60 cm in the center of each plot and four soil samples at depths of 0-30 and 30-60 cm from two control areas without any cultivation and afforestation around thestudy case area was harvested. The results showed that the soil salinity of afforested areas is higher than uncultivated areas and the soil of afforestation stands is alkaline, calcareous and weakin terms of nutrient. Drought of Pinus Eldarica trees is more than Cupressus Arizonica trees and vegetative parameters such as average diameter equal to the chest and canopy surface in Cupressus Arizonica stands are significantly different from Pinus Eldarica stands and only Pinus Eldarica standshas a significant differenceto the stand Cupressus Arizonicastands in terms of average total height.




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