Automatic Plant Irrigation System


  • Shiva Kumar S., Ajay J. V., Kusha B., Dr. Venkateshappa


In activities associated with gardening and farming the critical activity is watering which is also labor intensive.The different weather conditions include dryness , wetness, hotness, cloudiness in the atmosphere. In all these weather conditions it is imperative that the quantity of water that reaches the plants is controlled.

The watering systems used presently are effective in providing the required amount of water to the plants.

This manual watering process must consider two important issues: quantity of water provided to plants and the time during the day at which water is provided. Our goal in the project is replacement of manual activities. This has the potential to make the gardener's work more easier. This goal is achieved by  creating a watering system for plants which works automatically.When the above system is installed in agriculturalfield or thegardentheplants will get sufficient water for their growth and also water isconserved. The system is a combination of dripemitters and sprinklers.  The implementation of the system makes use ofnozzles,pipes andsprinkler systems. The  proposed system uses the micro-controller ATmega328. This isprogrammed for sensing level ofmoisture  in plants at the required time.

A moisture threshold is predefined depending on the need of the particular plant. When the quantity of moisture  becomes less than the threshold level the needed  amount of water is  provided to the plant  until the moisture level  reaches the predefined  threshold value. All  plants require water two times a day, specifically during morning and also during evening.  Programming   the microcontroller for the above requirement ensures that plants get the required water. The system reports the present  state to the user and the user is  sent remainders to ensure that  water is added to the tank. These notifications are implemented  using mobile apps. The prototype system developed makes gardening and farming activities an enjoyable experience and there are no issues to worry like forgetfulness.




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