A Stylistic Approach to Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s The Award


  • Surendra Singh Jadaun, Shyam Ji Dubey


In this paper stylistic analysis of Jhabvala’s story “The Award” is done using the selected tools and methods propounded by Leech and Short in Style in Fiction (1981). The study of formative elements of the story, such as point of view, characters and allegorical elements, give a better insight of the story. The story is analyzed comprehensively in terms of Lexis, Grammar, Figures of Speech, Context and Cohesion. Since studying stylistics in terms of writers or time periods can be overly broad and may lead to generalization so Leech and Short recommend that, to take style as “the linguistic characteristics of a particular text” is the most appropriate. Finally, the findings and conclusion are given to sum up the discussion.




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