Evaluation and Ranking of Ecological Capability of Urban Development Using MCDM And GIS (Case Study: Tabriz County)


  • Amir Reza Elahi Parast


Among the wide range of urban resources, land resources are the most important and most sensitive. Although, urban growth and concentration of population in urban areas and curves upward trend of unbalanced urban development on land and natural areas are limited, many social problems at the local level, regional and global created. Therefore, the present study aimed to determine suitable land for future development of Tabriz County, using a multi-criteria decision model, respectively. Methods The study was Descriptive and – analytical and to determine appropriate land for development after collecting the required data   Using GIS and the analytic network process in stages where input variables and parameters, providing layers of new information, classification, and valuation of variables and data layers and composition of these layers, suitable locations for development the county is further specified. Variables and data layers are intended to identify land suitable for future development of the county, consisting of layers of elevation, slope, roads, utilities, and municipal facilities, access to water, power transmission lines, communication networks, and centers around the Our findings indicate that the development of land primarily in the direction of Tabriz Province, East, South East have And this land a better position to expand in the future than are other parts of the northern and southern halves, with the natural limitations - and proximity to the mountains of Sahand artificial and lack of efficiency for Awn ibn Ali, the future development of the county. 




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