Packaging As A Brand Communication


  • Dr. S.Sridevi


Packaging occupies an important place in modern economy. Marketers nowadays face the complex task of making their product identifiable and conspicuous among other competitive ones. The only product exposure a consumer contacts prior to purchase of a product is packaging. Packaging today is regarded as a vital communication tool. So marketers utilize this packaging as a face of the product to draw consumer attention and also use it as a tool to establish their brand. Packaging is regarded as a separate marketing mix (tool) and consider both as a communication and sales promotion tool to attract the attention of the consumer and boost the sales. It also helps to identify the branded food products and educate the consumer. The basic objective of the study is to find out packaging as a brand communication and its influence on consumer behaviour. To achieve the above objective, the author has developed a framework. Packaging serves as a communication tool. The main focus is how the elements of package like colour, brand name, brand image, symbol/logo shape /size influence the consumer behaviour as brand communication.  Data were collected from 384 respondent of Tiruvarur district by using a structured questionnaire. The findings and conclusions of this study indicate that there is significant difference between age of the respondents and packaging as a brand communication influence on consumer behaviour. This study makes an attempt to study the food product packaging as a brand communication influence the consumer behaviour while purchasing packaged food products.



2021-05-01 — Updated on 2021-05-16


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