ISISF: IoT Based Smart Incubator for Sericulture Farm


  • S.Jegadeesan, P.Kavin, T.Mohan Raj, R.Vignesh,


Sericulture means the silkworm's production to manufacture silk. Parameters such as Temperature, Moisture,Lightness are key elements in the continuation of silk threads and appropriate promotion should be done according to the requirements in each category. Biodiversity plays an important role in the caterpillar's growth and development.Sericulture is a vital industry in India, but the methods used by farmers are now outdated. Hence, there is a need for modern advances in sericulture agriculture. This effort gives the idea of implementing advanced IoT and smart Sericulture technology using automation. Considering the natural boundaries of a warm house is a very important factor in improving the silk harvest. The specifics of this model include improvements to the system that can detect temperature, humidity, light power using ATMEGA 328P sensors, and in the event of when the parameters change, a notification sendsto the user's mobile app using the internet. This program uses the Arduino IDE software to test and edit data.




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