Household Fault Exposure And Overdue Control Based On IOT


  • L. Ramesh, V. Harshini, N. Indhumathi, P. Kaviya


The Internet of Things (IoT) introduces data transmission and computation power to hardware devices, and electrical power networks have however experienced impressive results with the emergence of internet meter technologies. Anonymity is a viable solution to the deception of smart grid privacy preservation to resolve issues. In this design, an efficient Fault and Fraud Monitoring Program (FSI) is proposed for individual household fault audit procedures and smart grid privacy protection.This project also acknowledges smart meters as a worthy of note early example of IoT-basedindicator, such as fault, theft, overlooked ON/OFF current supply cut- off notification relay, and we assess their confidentiality responding to customer premises. Users who comply with its power suppliers' regulations establish their privacy and security by doing so, thereby subjecting the disobedient. According to the particular, scalable and production systems of our project, FSI massively reduces effectiveness based on current models, therefore providing security and classification.



2021-05-01 — Updated on 2021-05-12


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L. Ramesh, V. Harshini, N. Indhumathi, P. Kaviya. (2021). Household Fault Exposure And Overdue Control Based On IOT. International Journal of Modern Agriculture, 10(2), 3190 - 3194. Retrieved from (Original work published May 1, 2021)