Design Of Condition Monitoring Module


  • S.Arunprathap , R.Abinesh , S.Guruprakash , T.Vignesh


The design of the Condition Monitoring module is based on the need for predictive maintenance, which necessitates a routine or permanent recording of the system condition. To control various sensors and devices, the design includes inputs such as RS-232, RS-485, IO-Link, and resistance temperature detectors (RTds). The primary aim of condition monitoring is to detect a fault, or a deterioration process, that has advanced to a certain symptomatic level, and to provide an early warning of the abnormality before it leads to a functional breakdown. As a result, we're working on a condition monitoring module to identify and correct the malfunction. The primary aim of condition monitoring is to increase plant production capability and profitability. The circuits can be implemented in Printed Circuit Boards using xpedition, and design is used very effectively.




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