A Case Study on Organic Farming


  • Amar Shankar, Benaka Prasad SB


Organic farming is not a new term but it is a traditional way of farming in India. India is a nation where farming is done in maximum states and a large number of people are working in this sector. Due to various reasons, farmers have utilized various types of fertilizers and inorganic substances in the crops to increase the production of the crops which is extremely dangerous for the people. This case study provides a detailed overview of organic farming and by adapting this how can farmers increase the overall production of the crops and how can they minimize the overall cost in the farming. Moreover, this paper would provide the necessary information regarding organic farming and the benefits, challenges and pragmatic solutions of the existing issues. Organic farming is increasing in numerous Indian states dramatically as people are trying to buy organic products such as fruits and vegetables to maintain their fitness as inorganic products are very dangerous according to various researches that have been carried out during the last decade. There is a pragmatic scope in this field to conduct more research to aware farmers about organic farming and its multifarious benefits.




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