Challenges of the Agriculture Economy in The India


  • Ahmadi Begum


In India, agriculture has changed dramatically in the last two decades. Globalization and liberalization policies has also opened new opportunities for agricultural production. Agriculture received special attention from Indian government and development planners due to its significance in national Gross Domestic Production (GDP) and jobs, allowing this sector to production a significant role in country's financial growth and in increasing the income as well as living morals of the massive populace based on agriculture. Several problems have emerged in Indian agriculture over the last 15 years, and they are becoming progressively serious with the passage of time. The rate of the growth of the country also depends upon the agriculture as the Indian economy is agrarian economy. If the number of the people depend on agriculture increases that will decrease the per capita income as the resources are limited. This is thought to be a major cause of widespread rural distress and a large proportion of farmer suicides in different parts of the country. There are some serious challenges that need to be address within a predefined time frame in order to solve the problems before it gets too late for everybody.




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