Decision-Making Model of Agriculture


  • Ranganathaswamy M K, Amar Shankar


Farm-management practice varies significantly among farmer. The processes that farmer go through while making operational decision regarding technical intervention. Farmer has different approaches to decision-making so it is important to describe the discrepancies to pinpoint places where management-skill can be upgraded. This study describes & reflects the contextual, knowledgeable and inferential dimensions of farm manager's organizational decision-making cognitive work. A conceptual-modeling system has been created that organizes decision-making actions according to a collection of cognitive processes like perception, understanding, target reasoning, preparation, and judgment. Throughout the manufacturing process, these processes are enabled on a regular basis. The framework can be used to describe difference in management behavior & efficiency as well as to identify promising improvement paths. The obtained results serve as excellent resource for public policy-makers to obtain relevant data and adopt policies that improve the quality of life of people in the agricultural sector as well as the entire population of a nation based on the sector's importance. A promising development could be achieved by specifically simulating the farmers' decision making process instead relying on only normative approach. This system results in enhancing smart farming practices in future that helps farmers and the entire population in decision-support-system for easy and fast farming approaches, effective that enhances the crop produce and helps in better economic development.




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