Modern Vehicles Made Easy Farming


  • Karthik N, Deepak J


The Farming and cultivating are the parts of agriculture that is basically practice of various forms and food to sustain life such as art of livestock and cultivating plants. The practice of farming assist species to create food surpluses and enables people to live in cities. There are many farmers in India that still leading in hand tools due to lack of resources that tools like tractors need i.e. farmers cannot afford. The modern tools are very much required to understand the gap between technology implementation and farmers. The proposed paper design to carried out fabrication of multipurpose farming vehicles in order to perform pesticides spraying, carrying goods, ploughing etc. The present paper selected the different tools of agriculture that assist farmers to made easy farming. Different analysis has been done to compare the traditional farming and modern farming. In future scope similar advanced machines are studies and analyzed to make easy farming.




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