Management Practices for Sustainable Crop Production


  • Dr. Nandini Dutta


In all developed and many developing countries, sustainable crop systems, sustainable soil super vision, sustainable farming all receive considerable consideration. Sustainable growth is progress that encounters the requirement of the current without cooperating the facility for upcoming generations to encounter their personal necessities.  Agro-food structures that are financially feasible, offer healthy nutritive foods, and allow preservation or improvement of land, water and air is sustainable agriculture. The conservation of human natural resources is no longer enough to ensure sustainability. Only the developed countries are practicing sustainable agriculture for crops. There is a requirement to reform agricultural practices that ensure sustainability. For the sustainable practices new advance genetic engineering techniques and equipment should be used to provide nutritional benefits all over the world weather it is a developed or developing country. Policies should be there to provide a combined set of practical services for Small and Medium Enterprises like technological investments, training, and sustainable management practices should be developed. Appropriate economic funding should be given to all the developing countries to enhance the chances of sustainable development all over the world and in future the world sustainable development will start then problems related to crops and livings of human being will also get resolved.




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