Impact of Agriculture on Deforestation


  • Dr. Humeera Tazeen


Agriculture can be considered as a major cause of deforestation and its impact on deforestation is huge. Due to large population, the demand of food is high and in order to fulfill the demand of food of society, deforestation takes place on large scale. High demand of food promotes commercial farming that leads to the acquisition of lands on large scale. Forests are converting into farmlands for large scale farming. This causes adverse effect on environment, climate and health. It also damages natural ecosystems and biodiversity. By giving the importance of environmental protection and health, this review paper discussed about the impact of agriculture on deforestation. This review discussed diverse aspects of deforestation caused by agriculture. Currently, climate change is the major issue in front of the world that is why it is necessary to grow agriculture sector with forest protection policy that will help to secure and protect the nature.




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