An Overview of Marketing of Agricultural in India


  • Benaka Prasad SB, Yogesh Kumar K


Marketing is the set of institutions, activity and process for communicating, creating, exchanging and delivering, offerings that  values for clients customers, , society and partners, at great and Agriculture Marketing is a marketing that allows small agriculture to enter in the market.  The majority of India's population still live in rural area, with agriculture and related practices serving as the primary source of income. Despite the government's efforts, there is still a disparity between a farmer's investment and the return on that investment. This paper gives all details about marketing of agricultural produce like definition of marketing ), 4 (Ps) of marketing, subsystem of marketing system(product, price, place, promotion), subsystem of marketing system (production, distribution, consumption and regulatory).This paper gives also details about agricultural marketing in india, advantages of good government  policy system and agricultural marketing instruments in agricultural marketing. Agriculture consulting is an online or offline service that allows new entrants to enter the market. A farmer's teacher instructs a group of farmers on a particular subject. Pest management is a service in agriculture in developing countries such as the United States and Australia.




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