Management of Climatic Changes and Risks Involved in Agriculture


  • Kokila Ramesh, Nandini Dutta


Agriculture is distinguished by complexity and challenges which affect productivity and competitiveness directly. Disaster management is a comprehensive tool for farmers to eliminate bias. Droughts, flooding, and hurricanes, all of which are caused by climate change, are common occurrences. These factors are affecting many individuals and businesses in the very same area at that time. Despite this, there indeed exists a paucity of collected works on the use of various risks management strategies at the very same time, as well as the potential for qualitative data were obtained. A broad ranges of adapting strategies have also suggested to have a prospective to lower the incidence of agricultural practices to climate change-allied threats, specifically in the brief period. The government has implemented multiple schemes for protecting farmers from agricultural hazards, like with the climate-based crop insurance scheme. This paper is developing the practice of identifying and determining methods of agricultural adaptation for climate change. The topic of disaster risk reduction and management was discussed, followed by a study of model compilation. This authors conclude with an agricultural production insurance study that focuses on behavior concerns.




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