Promoting Organic Agriculture by Marketing and Branding in Sikkim


  • Amar Shankar, enaka Prasad SB


The backbone of the entire developing economy is agriculture. Especially in the country like India, this is basically a farming country with a large number of farm workers. In the history of agriculture all the products in India are used to improve productivity, which contributes to soil infertility and leads to a greater number of health problems. In the outcome of the implementation of the green revolution, excessive use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers have increased. All of these problems lead customers to look at organic farms and farmers to organic farming. Present organic farming accounts for 99% of the farming land owned by 66,000 farmers in Sikkim. While Sikkim is setting an example for the other states in the region, the next steps include market ties with domestic and foreign customers, which are a first in the long term sustainability of organic agriculture. This study aims to conduct a market analysis for five specified crops (Ginger, Turmeric, Large Cardamom, Buckwheat and Cymbidium) in order to use the advantages of organic farming to benefit the high-end market and to propose an action plan for connecting producers from the state of Sikkim to consumers in premium market.




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