Disease Management of Vegetables


  • Yogesh Kumar K, Benaka Prasad SB


Mostly people follow vegetarian diet from the ages but due to various disease in vegetables creates a heavy loss to a person in many ways. India ranks first in the world, with vegetarians accounting for 38% of the population. For any vegetable growth, disease can occur at any stage of life cycle whether it will be a pre-harvest or post-harvest disease. Vegetables should be protected throughout their life cycle to enjoy a better taste with nutrition. The four major pathogens behind the disease in vegetables are bacteria, fungus, virus, and nematodes. Till now remote farmers are still using traditional method to tackle with the vegetable diseases. To safeguard the vegetable, it is necessary to distinguish the disease early any carry-out the treatment procedure. There is a utilization of pesticides and chemicals to make vegetable free of diseases. To make vegetables disease free without the use of chemicals and pesticides a practice of integrated method over the world should be practiced. In future, it can be used for organic plants to manage all the disease caused by pathogens and also manage with cost so that it can be applicable for all the remote farmers also.




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