An Overview of Technological Transformation in Agricultural Sector


  • Koushik V Prasad, Abhijeeth Nagaraj


Technological transformation in agriculture sector shows much positive impact in terms of productivity, security and supply chain. By using traditional method of farming, the farmers’ encounters many difficulties while preparing the soil, harvesting of crops and during sow seeds and difficult to get information about deficiency of nutrients in the soil. In contrast, technological transformation in agricultural sector various benefits such as increased productivity, enhanced farmer livelihood, better market linkage, informed decision-making, efficiency policy-making and implementation. Major advanced technologies such as livestock, vertical farming, robotics and technology of automation, artificial intelligence has huge potential in agricultural sector for better growth. This paper aimed to discuss about technological transformation in agricultural sector, mainly discussed about different aspects of technology in agriculture and technological innovations in agriculture. Continuous adaptation of modern technology in agriculture sector will increase income of small farmers as well as help in economy of the country in future.




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