Consumption of Arhar/Lentil in Rural and Urban Cities of India


  • Dr. Humeera Tazeen


Lentil/Arhar dal is a part of staple food of Indian Diet, a vast variety of lentil is cultivated in various parts of the country. With the change in eating habits eating wholesome diet is not followed by everyone. Many studies have been conducted earlier but the comparative study on the consumption of lentil in urban and rural area of the different states of India is a matter of research. By determining the average consumption of lentil/arhar in different states of India it becomes easy to increase the yield and manufacturing of the crop in a particular area. Thus, current research puts light on usage of lentil in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka and opens the future perspective to conduct more research on the connection of different varieties of cereals and pulses and average consumption in urban and rural area in a particular state.




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