Prevalence of Common Groundnut Disease in Different States of India


  • Devi Radhika, D Pandiarajan


Groundnut is a legume plant also known as Peanut is cultivated all around the world. Depending on the cuisines of every country ground nut is used as an ingredient in preparing various dishes. Being a globally cultivated legume and widely used crop the significance of groundnut crop is very high in farmers. But the disease variety that affects the crop drastically hampers groundnut growth, crop yield and yield quality to a great extent. The prevalence of a specific disease in particular state of Indian sub-continent is not known that hampers the growth of groundnut crop. Thus, current research puts light on finding the prevalence of different type groundnut disease in state of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Punjab and opens the future perspective to conduct more research on the connection of different varieties of cereals and pulses and prevalence of that specific disease in a particular state.




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