Demographic Profile And Occupational Health Of Information Technology Professionals


  • R.Parvatharajan, Dr.V.Velmurugan


This study was conducted among the Information Technology (IT) executives (N=300) in Chennai who were having a minimum of five years’ experience to document the problem while working on computers and the type and kind of problems perceived. This study also examined the relationship between the ergonomic variables such as the position of monitor, mouse and position of various body locations. Moreover, it established the relationship between the viewing distance of the monitor and visual discomfort in the employees of software employees. Musculoskeletal problems were very high, along with the subjects who were not using proper ergonomic guidelines. Stress and Visual discomfort were the other problems encountered by the participating IT Professionals. The females reported more musculoskeletal problems (80 Percentage) when compared to male. There are little knowledge and awareness among IT executives about ergonomic factors that was reduce these problems..




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