• Prasanna.M, Dharshinee Krishnna.V


The project titled “VITHAI(Virtual Organic Product Store)” is designed using android with Jdk1.8 as front end. The coding language used is Java, Php. This project acts as an important role for the farmer where they can sell their products and obtain their desired profits. The agriculture is basic reason of production of food and raw material, which eventually is reason of survival of the population. In Indian most of the population is dependent on agriculture. However, there is also need to review and revitalize the mechanism for updating the technology. In the upcoming years agriculture will see major changes. The main purpose for this project is to develop a mobile phone based solution that helps in farm management, leads to agricultural yield improvement and helps in care/maintenance of the farms. The large amount of crop is getting damage in the field due to the bacterial attacks and lack of information resources. Annually, such loss exceeds 40% in total. So, the paper presented here suggest various ways in which a farmer can utilize on their handsets using this application, to assist them for relatively better cultivation and merchandise. Our proposed application will provides the details about customer and farmer and also it avoids the third party buyer problem which cause problem for farmers.




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