Social Distance Detection


  • Naveen.K, Naveen.G, Krishnaraj.D


Social distancing detection using deep learning to evaluate the distance between people to mitigate the impact of this coronavirus pandemic. The detection tool was developed to alert people to maintain a safe distance with each other by evaluating a video feed. The video frame from the camera was used as input, and the open-source object detection pre-trained model based on the YOLOv3 algorithm was employed for pedestrian detection. Later, the video frame was transformed into top-down view for distance measurement from the 2D plane. The distance between people can be estimated and any noncompliant pair of people in the display will be indicated with a red frame and red line. The proposed method was validated on a pre-recorded video of pedestrians walking on the street. The result shows that the proposed method is able to determine the social distancing measures between multiple people in the video.




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