Tracking User’s Currency From Ip Address For E-Commerce Websites


  • Jayasaalini.K, Kaviya.N


The android project “MUSIC PLAYER APPLICATION” will allow the user to select the songs from their library and play them. Even exit the UI part the music keeps running in the background. Must have songs on your system. So that after running the application it will automatically select the songs from your device. In order to solve the problem of complex functions and large required memory of mobile phone music player on the current market, a new music player of simple, convenient, less required memory as well as user-friendly is developed. Based on the Android technology, using the Java language and Eclipse programming tools lead to design and coding of music player. The new design mainly realizes six core functions including main play interface, playlists, menus, play settings, file browsing and song search. This player has merits of high performance, simple operation, and run independently on the Android mobile devices. At the same time, the player can also browse and access files in mobile phones.



2021-04-27 — Updated on 2021-04-29


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